Company Profile
Since 1969…

Our company, Erzincan in 1969 with the perlite mine started the production of industrial raw materials today; Izmir-Menderes, Manisa-Salihli-Sart, Hatay-Center, Erzincan Refahiye continues.

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Our company added Quartz, arsite, pumice, Micronized pumice, hematite, Rutile, barite, lead, zinc, magnesite and gold mining production to perlite production and took its place among the domestic producers of Turkey in the mining sector.

A. Pumice Stone ExportP. Placer mine, which he founded in Salihli SART region, was the first domestic company to produce gold in the sector by using 100% domestic capital and technology. Pumice EXPORT A., which uses its experience gained over 40 years in the mining sector to produce advanced technology and environmental materials in the construction sector. for this purpose, perlite concrete tile with PERSAN brand and eile POMEX brand brought advanced technology building chemicals to the construction sector. The company's goal is to meet market expectations in the sectors in which we operate; it is to produce high quality, environmental, advanced technology products that give unconditional customer satisfaction and to repeat itself continuously.

Our Sart Placer business was located in the immediate vicinity of the town of SART, 10 km after Salihli on the Salihli-Izmir Highway.

The ancient city of Sardes was the capital of the Lydian state in the 2000s BC. Sardes is known in history as the place where the first money was minted.

Sardes is also known as the beginning of the famous King Road in history. The word "sard", the name in Western languages of Orange Quartz stone, which has long been used as a gemstone, comes from the region of Sart, where the stone was removed in ancient times.

Pumice Export company focused on the need to acquire heavy metals in Placer beds in the Sart region as well as in Placer beds in the world, and did its work in this direction. From the analysis, Placer found that gold, as well as minerals such as rutile, zircon, casiterite, liminite, ilmenite, hemeatite, almandin, could also be acquired. After a large number of investigations, an ore preparation plant was established by our company in 2002. Heavy minerals in the Placer bed in this facility bring heavy minerals to the economy.

Sart Ore enrichment plant is one of the most important ore preparation facilities established in our country for the operation of a Placer quarry. This facility is an example for World Mining, which is expressed as “zero discharge”, which is less similar in Turkey and in the world, where all the mines produced are evaluated, which works with a company understanding in an effort to convert all of what is produced within the framework of the definition of “Mining Vision” of our country to end products.

Heavy mineral, micronized quartz and ground pumice are used in eile chemicals produced in our Sart and meander Enterprises.

In the SART facility, micronized quartz is produced by grinding Quartz minerals in the Placer bed. An optical separator has been installed in the facility for the production of micronized Quartz by separating the small size Quartz parts in the Placer bed.