Company Profile
Since 1969…

POMZA EXPORT MINING INDUSTRIES TRADING CO. INC. begin its journey in 1969 with perlite mining and continues to produce raw materials in Izmir-Menderes, Manisa-Salihli-Sart, Izmir-Yenikoy, and Erzincan Refahiye. 

100% Domestic production  A national leader in sustainable mining practices Approved by sector leaders worldwide 


 In addition to perlite, by also manufacturing quartz, quartzite, pumice, chrome, coal, hematite, rutile, garnet, corundum, barite, lead, zinc, magnesite and gold, the company succeeded to become one of Turkey’s leading mining companies.

POMZA EXPORT A.Ş is Turkey’s first national company mining gold. The company is also immensely proud to be Turkey’s first and only Rutile and Garnet mines manufacturer.
With more than 50 years of industry experience, the company aims to produce high-technology and added-value green products. Pomza Export uses its knowledge to manufacture quartz with the brand SARDES, corundum with EMEREX, perlite with ETIPER, perlite concrete tiles with PERSAN, and high-technology construction chemicals with EILE POMEX.
The company mission is to efficiently respond to the market’s needs, ensuring customer satisfaction, manufacturing high-quality products while continuously challenging itself to build a sustainable business model.
Sardes ore dressing mining site is one of the most important sites concerning environmental issues and placer mining. To ensure resource efficiency and sustainability, the total amount of water utilized in material refining is reused in the mining site after purification.
Under the light of Turkey’s Mining Mission, all materials produced in the Sart mining site are transformed into end products and brought to the economy. The company operates with the “zero discharge” method, which is when all the materials produced in the mine pit is processed and made use of.
Menderes Yeniköy mining site manufactures perlite with the ETIPER trademark, which is Turkey’s oldest perlite mining site. The perlite manufactured in this long-standing site is being used in sectors such as agriculture, cryogenics, construction, textile, pharmaceuticals, cement and glass industry.
The modernization practices started in 2012 continues in line with the developing technologies and benefits innovation and advancement. All the electricity used in this mining site is being generated from the solar panels, so using renewable energy sources further ensures sustainability.
For all the construction materials produced in the Eile Pomex factory, the raw materials extracted from our mining site is being used to guarantee the best quality and added value. POMZA EXPORT A.Ş works with the “Mine is life, humans exist with mine” principle.