Mission Vision



Pomza Export A.Ş operates one of the most important ore preparation facilities in Turkey located in the Salihli, Sart region. This facility has adopted a production style, which is very rare both in Turkey and in the world,. This production style is called "zero discharge", in which all the mines extracted from the soil are used in operation and turned into end products. 


Within the scope of our country's mining vision, we are working hard to transform all of the extracted raw materials into high-quality end products. Our company is a leading company in Turkey due to its sustainable mining practices.





The placer mining operation established by Pomza Export in the Salihli Sart region is a company established with 100% domestic capital and technology. Pomza Export is the first domestic company to produce gold in the sector. By the help of its 50 years of field experience in the mining sector, our company is producind advanced technology and environmentally friendly materials for the construction sector. Perlite concrete tiles and the EILE POMEX brand produces high quality and innovative building chemicals for the construction sector.



The Company's Goal: To produce high quality, environmentally friendly and advanced technology products that can meet the expectations of the market and generate high customer satisfaction. To provide innovative solutions suitable for the market needs by continuous R&D and improving our environmental management performance.