Mission Vision



As Pomza Export A.Ş, it hosts one of the most important ore preparation facilities established for the operation of a placer mine located in our country in the Sart Region. This property is located less so in Turkey and the world 'zero discharge' as expressed, the evaluation of all metals produced

It adopts the understanding of a company in an effort to transform all of its products into end products within the scope of the mining vision of our country. It is a facility that takes firm steps towards being an example for world mining.




Pomza Export A.Ş. Placer mine enterprise established in Salihli Sart Region is a company established with 100% domestic capital and technology. It became the first gold producing domestic company in the sector. Pumice, which has more than 40 years of experience in the mining sector, is used to produce advanced technology and environmentally friendly materials for the construction sector. With its perlite concrete tile and EILE POMEX company, it brought advanced technology construction chemicals to the construction sector.


The company's goal; has made it a mission to produce quality, environmentally friendly, advanced technology products that can meet the expectations of the market in the sectors in which it operates, and to constantly renew itself.