Ready-mixed concrete

Concrete is a building block consisting of the combination of materials called “aggregates” such as gravel and sand with a binding agent and water.

When it comes to concrete, gray stone comes to mind. Although cement is generally used to give concrete various properties, other additives and binding materials can also be used (eg gypsum, lime, etc.). For example, in Portland cement concrete, the binder is a mixture of Portland cement and water. Asphalt and other materials are also used as a binder; “asphalt concrete” and “polymer concrete” are obtained. However, when it comes to “concrete”, Portland cement concrete comes to mind.
Today, concrete is a widely used building material. A building that does not require concrete is nonexistent. It is used in the construction of water structures such as dams and canals as well as roads, buildings, bridges and other structures. It emerges as both a carrier element and a decorative material. Concrete is mainly prefered due to its durability, fire resistance, water resistance, economical production, energy efficiency and on-site production. Concrete is also used in the production of ready-made reinforced concrete products. It is also used against nuclear radiation in modern structures. World average per capita concrete production per year is around one ton.


USAGE AREAS: Ready-mixed concrete is used in construction projects such as bridges, dams, roads, factories, and residences.